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Focus On:

Nosework & Sniffer Games

4 Wednesdays

begins July 15, 2015

6 pm

Cost: $60.00 (Summer Pass Eligible!)

The Focus On classes are 3 to 4 week mini-series for owners who want to go beyond the basics and explore new ways to enrich their relationship with their dog. In Nosework & Sniffer Games, we’ll be getting to know our dogs on a whole new level—through the 1/5th of their brain devoted to smell! During class, we’ll:

  • Teach the dogs the “target odor” we want them to find
  • Teach them how to tell us when they’ve found it
  • Use those core skills to play neat games in scent detection & tracking
  • Teach them amazing tricks that will astound your friends!

Nosework & Sniffer Games are a low-impact, enriching activity ideal for dogs of all ages, breeds and physical ability. All they need is a doggy nose, and they have that! No running or jumping required.

Class requirements: Completion of basic manner class or permission of instructor. Dogs must be current on vaccinations. Dogs of all ages are welcome, but please, if your dog has aggression or reactivity issues, or would be severely stressed by a group setting, consult with the trainer before registering! This will be an ON-LEASH class.

Class space is limited, so please register early to guarantee your space! 

To register, please download the PDF registration form

and send in with check, or use the Paypal Option on the Paypal page.