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***COVID-19 Safety Policies - Sept. 15, 2021***

Please read carefully before registering for classes!

Nothing is more important to me than the safety of you and your family, me and my family, and our community. Because the weather as we move into Fall makes the ability to train outdoors unpredictable, we need to be able to move classes indoors as needed where the training space is quite small. To protect at-risk clients, family members and children too young to be vaccinated at home, as of Sept. 15, 2021, adherence to the following safety policies will be required:

Group Classes-- All humans attending must be fully vaccinated for Covid-19. Masks must be worn when inside the training building if adequate physical distance cannot be maintained. Masks will be optional when physical distance can be maintained.

Private Lessons-- Masks will be required for unvaccinated humans at all times indoors, and outdoors when adequate physical distance cannot be maintained.

I so very much appreciate your understanding and kindness during this difficult time. As the sole proprietor of a small business, I have no one to step in if I myself should become ill, no one to pay me for “sick days”, and even a week or two out of work would be a problem for me. It would also break my heart to have anyone else become ill and possibly pass it on to others as a result of their activities at the School. As with everything in life, despite our best efforts, there are no guarantees. There is, however, such a thing as “due diligence,” and I will continue to make every effort to do mine.

Thank you so much for your support, for your lovely and gracious cooperation with mask-wearing and other safety measures, and for your commitment to your puppies and dogs. You are the Best Clients any dog trainer could wish for, and I appreciate it so much!

Questions? Concerns? Please e-mail or call:

[email protected]

(530) 925-2261