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Do you often feel frustrated, angry or upset with your dog? Or is your dog often acting upset, frightened, anxious or showing signs of aggression around people or other dogs?

Maybe you can't take the dog on a walk because he barks and lunges at every other dog he sees. Maybe you're afraid to have friends visit because your dog is overly rowdy or fearful. Maybe the dogs in your household aren't getting along, your dog growls at you over a bone or barks hysterically whenever someone goes by your house. Whatever it is, it's no fun--for either of you.

I want both you and your dog to be safe, happy and enjoy your lives together. The key to solving behavior issues is--early intervention! Dogs with problems rarely wake up one morning and decide to behave differently just cuz. Something has to change.

When folks show up at the Humane Society to surrender a dog because of behavior problems, they often tell me that "they tried everything" and nothing worked. It turns out, though, that there's one thing they didn't try:

Picking up the phone and asking a professional dog trainer for help.

I don't know what needs to happen to help you and your dog until we meet: you and your dog are individuals and every situation is unique. What I do know is that there are tried and tested behavior treatments that can substantially improve, reduce or eliminate most problem behaviors in most pet dogs. And that the sooner you start, the easier and faster it is to make those changes.